Project 1 – What is an Image and How Does it Mean?

Project 1: What is an Image and How Does it Mean? 
January 13 – February 10

In this first exercise you will develop manual sketches into digital (vector) drawings, creating abstract, non-representational shapes and simple symbolic forms in a fixed space, using a variety of tools, methods, and organizing principles.

Communication Models – Davis: January 20
Arranging Things – Koren: January 20
‘Image’ definition, Wikipedia: January 20
Nature of Representation – Davis: January 25

Project 1 has 3 parts. For each phase produce one final, 12×12” composition and 6  studies
(7 Images total)

1.1 Literacy: January 13 – January 25
visual literacy: image analysis, translation/abstraction/repetition
Discuss assigned readings, bring a few images to class and describe—identify source, media, visual character. Review reduction strategies for one of the images, translate/draw your interpretation in Illustrator; develop as repeating unit in a pattern composition.
Final + 6 studies, 1-color (black)

1.2 Meaning: January 25 – February 3
symbolic representation: visual research, reduction
Design a symbol for a contemporary or fictional issue/situation. Research and appropriate/adapt/hybrid designs using existing vector symbol libraries.
Final + 6 studies, 2-color (black plus 1-color)

1.3 Abstraction: February 3 – February 10
Abstract interpretation of Calvino city
Reading Invisible Cities – Italo Calvino.
Final + 6 studies, Full color

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