Elastic Sculptures



I came across the above gif by Claudia Maté on artfcity.com. The post praised Maté for her creativity and somewhat innovation in presenting a”Greek” or “Roman” statue – something that isn’t seen always in contemporary art – in this interesting way.  It reminded of something similar that I came across a year back, the sculptures of Li Hongbo.


Photo set demonstrating the flexibility of Li Hongbo’s sculptures.

For me, these sculptures made entirely by paper and glue, are such an interesting medium through which Hongbo presents a visual commentary on his thoughts and his life.


Girls by Li Hongbo

I find it very interesting (and pertinent to what we spoke about in class last week) just how many different ways an image can be presented. Here we can see how sculptures simply presented in new and innovative formats can totally alter the meaning, significance and even impact that they can have on their audience. I have seen sculpture busts by Li Hongbo similar looking to the one present in Maté’s gif however – if we imagine that these two artists were taking college art class for a  second – for me, something that could have come from the “same” brief couldn’t have been so incredibly different. (Just like the images we created doing the 100 arrow challenge!) I think that’s pretty awesome.

By the way, personally, I don’t think anyone can really understand/appreciate just how amazing Li Hongbo’s sculptures are without seeing them move on video. I’ve attached one below! Please feel free to watch it. I hope you like them as much as I do!

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