Exploration in the Modern Lens

After our first class I continued to think about images and the meaning that we attach to them.  One of my most favorite tumblr blogs (http://words-in-the-paradise.tumblr.com/) publishes a slew of creative posts each week that I began to think about in a new light.  The way that certain images, especially when supplemented with a music track, can inspire any variety of feelings or responses is very interesting to me.  People always say that pictures are worth a thousand words and nothing could be more true.

tumblr_o168ezamWG1ugp61po1_250 tumblr_o168mjPNUS1ugp61po1_250 tumblr_o168oo39Yg1ugp61po1_250 tumblr_o1675yk3kb1upwifco1_250 tumblr_o16602e7Pp1upwifco1_250 tumblr_o15wwfz5zv1upwifco1_250

What I find the most fascinating about sites like tumblr, is how someone can be exposed to such a variety of imagery but sometimes feel like all of them connect in some way/tell a story.



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