Fine Art Meets Rap Lyrics

One of my favorite Instagrams is @flyartproductions – many of you have probably seen some of their posts floating around the Internet, or otherwise on T-shirts and hoodies.

This genius Instagram combines the works of renowned artists throughout history, from Raphael to Monet to Pollock, with the famous words of our contemporary artists, from Drake to Nicki to, of course, Kanye.

That can only mean one thing Le téléphone II (1930), Tamara De Lempicka / Hotline Bling, Drake

A photo posted by Fly Art (@flyartproductions) on

The juxtaposition of the older art piece with the contemporary lyrics (often filled modern jargon that, out of context, really doesn’t mean anything) gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. The pieces don’t work, but they also do – many of the lyrics relate to the painting on which they are pasted in a too-literal, hilarious way. It’s the perfect of example of how two completely different things can come together to make something even better. #flawless

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