Real or Not Real?




The above drawings are done by Marcello Barenghi, an artist who was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Marcello writes on his own web page : “I have been called “The hyper-realist artist of the common things in the era of YouTube“, Potentially I am fascinated by everything, I am used to look at an object taking into account its reflections, the lights, the shadows, its colors and shape. Every single object has its own beauty, also an empty bag of potato chips.” Marcello uses materials such as colored pencil, markers, gel pens, and many more, and he creates draws subjects that look like as if they are popping out of the paper.

Below is a link for a time lapse video of Marcello drawing a Snickers bar. Check it out to see how he creates a drawing from beginning to finish in just four minutes!

How to draw a Snickers bar

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