Fonts in Politics


When it comes to most design—especially graphic design in the commercial world—the question is nearly always, “how do I most effectively communicate my message?”

Part of that comes down to fonts.



San-serif, serif, bold, light—the different types of fonts and typefaces help people decipher what is going on in a digital composition with text. They can draw attention, add clarity or assign hierarchy. Overall, whether accomplished through the complete piece or on their own, all fonts (in their design itself) communicate a message.

Therefore, I found it really interesting to look at the “Politics” section of “fontsinuse” were you can find the names and examples of numerous politicians (including those currently running in the current elections) campaign font of choice.



I think its interesting to think about it from the stand point of a branding narrative. Why did Bernie choose a serif? Why did Hillary not? The question of, “what would be most effective to communicate this person’s brand?” had to be considered by the design associates of all the listed campaigns and their answers can be seen in the fonts.


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