Project 2

Project 2 Project Sheet – Updated 2/26

Project 2 – List of Poems

Note: This project should focus on remixing and compositing images found online or photos that you take yourself – similar to the surrealist exercise we did in class on Wednesday.  You are also free to create vector graphics in Illustrator and import them into Photoshop.

Reading for 2/29
Understanding Comics – Scott McCloud

1. Getting Started – Layers, Layer Masks, Selections, Text, Graphics
2. Making Selections + Layer Masks + Adjustment Layers 

3.5 Keyframes in Photoshop  – I showed this method in class regarding how to use the video timeline and keyframes to create simple animation.  The principles in this video can be applied to your films.
3. Frame Animation GIF  – I showed the method of using the video timeline in Photoshop to animate.  This is another method that implements the frame animation timeline that you can use.
4. Working with Video Layers  – More specific editing of video/images in the timeline.

Examples of Past Student Worksky_yoo-project2-2-small2-2_animation_holly_-revisedproject-2-2-helen-nie-final