Project 3

Project 3 – Wearable Data Portrait – 2016

How to Save Comma Separated Value File – CSV

Over Spring Break you should begin collecting your data set for your Wearable Data Portrait. If you have questions about your specific choice of data let me know – but be ready to talk about what data you are collecting on Monday March 14th in class.

This can be anything from:
How many steps I took today
How many people did I see on their phone
How many people were wearing brown shoes
How much water did I drink today

There are also a series of readings that should be completed by March 21st. You can get a head start on them over the break if you have time.
Origami Folding Techniques
Form and code visualize
Form + Code – Repeat
Art with a Life of its Own: Questioning Mimesis in Media Art Prototypes – Susik